Sep 24, 2007

Fooling Around

Slow and easy....
Work is pretty hectic hense the slower updates

Sep 21, 2007

And the present status of that zbrush head..

Worked on that Zbrush head the other night.

This is what I yam here for.....

A character I have been painting for sometime now.
I still need to correct those anatomical issues like the torso and stuff.
Would love to know your suggestions.!

Some environments I have doodled in my free time

Vehicle based on Subaru Wrc model.
One of those piece in my hard disk screaming
to see the light of the day!

Again Flavor of the month! Zbrush model.

Sep 17, 2007

Jus getting started.....

Hey everybody.
Sincere thanks for stopping by.....

still learning the BLOG way.... as I sip my tea (I DID THAT!) and a grin in my face.....

and yeah...thanks to naresh for inspirin........his blog (check it out)