Apr 6, 2008


realised that putting in each and every WIP step will increase my scroll in blog..

So after a tea, my extremely productive grey matter has suggested me to video showing my steps... and the latest stage will be posted as a separate image...smart :)

Latest Stage - as of 10th april 2008
Need to work on hands, the left foot mite need work too..and what not!
At this stage, I can pretty well see where this is going...

And my WIP (pls wait whie it downloads)

Apr 3, 2008

Beauty and the balls

Another girl whose got the balls!..I know its much too cliche but cudn't resist having a piece of my own.
So heres a doodle from my work..

I did find a lot of problems with the posture and costume. So a little bit of photo reference and costume redesign got me to here..

Story and progress to follow!