Dec 30, 2009

Daily Sketches

Most of these were for Daily Sketch forumn - at CGsociety.. Lately have been doing these quick captures. Trying to set in the moods/palette as quickly and effectively as possible..Should be doing more of these :)

The Junkyard King - 45 mins

The Insider - 30 mins
Beyond the clouds - 55 mins
Snowstorm - 30 mins

Dec 29, 2009

Peace - Quickie

Started this as an exercise of textured fabric..And liked the result too. The guy could have been better tho.
Done in Photoshop , around 45 mins. Peace.

Dec 18, 2009

Ode to Games

Probably the last personal work for this year. Happy to have learnt a lot of stuff this year and looking forward to a brand new shiny chapter.
This one is inspired by looking at the way the technology has improved over the years, helping artist by giving them a whole lot more freedom, specially in Gaming. Being a gamer/game artist, I have seen the technical challenges lessened and creative implementation boosted. Cheers to technology. HighRes Image here
Happy new year guys!

Dec 12, 2009

Break from Routine

After a whole day with dark grungy themes, had to end the day with this quickie. Hope you like it :).. It certainly eased my nerves for the weekend
Most of the brushes on this one comes from -

Dec 10, 2009

Besh Besh Natarajan

Kind of reminds me of my Grandpop :) At 90+ that man is insanely active.. Must be all the Caffine
Photoshop Quickie. 45mins

Dec 8, 2009

Pure Randomness

Been Doing some random Quickes off late, between other works :)

Dec 1, 2009

Recent works of 2009

Been a long time Since I posted something here.. Well heres a couple I did this year :)