Mar 17, 2010

Quick Characters

Yeah - Tried to get some big dudes in today. Spent around - 20 min on each... Its fun to do these, Specially the basketball dude, He kinda reminded me of KungFu Panda! - If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it.

Mar 16, 2010

Vehicle designs

I guess, watching too many Sci-fi movies off-late has inspired me to try out some designs of my own. Yeah It's still got elements already seen, But as someone said, when you totally deviate yourself and start something new, you tend to put in a lot of cliches, stuffs that u made a note of, seeing things around you. That sort of fades away, when you keep iterating and trying out more designs, that's when originality kicks in :) - That said, will try some more whenever free.

Mar 14, 2010

Further Monstrosities! - #002

So, disappointed with my first monster, heres another, #002. Beware of the Yinyansaur, the vicious dual headed beast. Being both the male and female, the Yintansaur is capable of self - impregnation and lay eggs. You know what that means? - If You see one, kill it, It multiplies, even before u can say - Run!

This is Monstrocity

So, I thought,to further humiliate myself before you guys, to post some doodles of creatures/monsters/politicians etc. Will keep them quick and dirty!.
And without further ado, heres Monster #001 (Oh yeah, hoping fer 100 of them sweeties)
PS, around 2hrs

Mar 7, 2010

Random Saturday Sketch

So Trying out some new brushes and quick strokes. And personally, thats how I felt on the day of my 'Poonal' -'Thread Ceremony, A tradition common in the tamil brahamin culture.

Mar 3, 2010

The Photoshopped Model

Always wondered what the glossy magazine pass off as beauty. While they do reason that people do Want to look at 'perfect' people, it does push the natural out of the window.
Done in PS,2hrs

Jan 13, 2010

Daily Sketches - Quickies

Heres a bunch of Quickies done for DSF over the last week. Tried a lot of new brushes and approaches - Was great fun. Average time were around - 35-40mins

The Winter Affair
The Hack
Mr. Roboto
The Revolutionary
It's all in the details
The B^$@# is back
Day and Night