Oct 9, 2008

Caution Cramps Ahead

Hello everyone, I know, its been a long time since I posted something here. Work is keeping me tied up and I really cudnt get myself to do something personally. And then, I got a chance with my old Buddies to join them for a trip to Coorg. Aaah! Bless them for it. Got to do a bunch of stuff life rappeling, nite rides, boating,swimming and partying too. Osome osome time, I recommend you all go there.
The only complain I had was the ride, a Swaraj Mazda 18 seater with absolutely no leg room. I am generally not a guy who complains, but it was my back which really took the beating.
And I felt like this.

Its not the best of stuff, I know...but I really had to post something and motivate myself ...Btw, Its a pencil work later worked on Gimp, which I am not really handy with..Will deff make a pass through PS too, if I am nearby.