Mar 24, 2011

Brand new day

Strange that a couple of links takes me to my own blog. The initial reactions of feel-good looking at all my post quickly turned to a bit of awkwardness and finally depression that I haven't been able to update as regularly as I would have liked to.
The past year has been one of the strangest years I have had. Cannot really define it into black or white. Guess every once in a while, the strong feeling of everything you planned up not shaping up hits you like nothing else will ever. Not even watching a Yash Raj movie.
But the one thing that somehow slipped through the devastating fingers of 2010 has to be the small casual game that me and a couple of guys were working on - So not all has been to vain, there shall be some gain.
I am definitely waking up to a brand new day this year. Hopefully I update this space more often.

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THOMAS K V said...

I need to get in touch with you very urgent,,,,,,, Kindly forward me your contact number plz.